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Vicksburg, Mississippi

Vicksburg, steeped in rich Civil War history,
is a fertile ground for weeping women, lost children, and disoriented Civil War soldiers.


The young ghost of a young, headstrong girl was first sited at this plantation in 1966 by the owners of the house, the Jack Lavender family.

"Archie" , appearing in a long, brown dress, is seen standing by the fireplace in the parlor.

Her Father, R. Arch had built this mansion in 1837 and had 5 daughters here.  When Archie wanted to marry her young lover her father strictly forbade it and in defiance she began to take her meals standing by the fireplace.

Everyone in the Lavender family has seen young "Archie" in an obvious eternal 'temper tantrum' aimed at her Father.

Cedar Grove

Built in 1840, this plantation is haunted by the family of John Klein. The ghost of a man smoking a pipe manifest itself in the parlor, while his wife, Elizabeth, is visible walking up and down the front stairs.  As in all families that has children, this 'ghost family' is no different...all 10 of the children haunt the hallways and bedrooms.  This seems to be no coincidence ...2 of the Klein children died as infants, one in early childhood, and a boy, prematurely of a gunshot wound.

A later inhabitant of the house committed suicide and her ghost appears on each anniversary of her death in the ballroom.


This house was utilized as Union Headquarters during the Civil War.  Captain McPherson, the mediator between the Union troops and the townspeople of Vicksburg, did not return from an appointed round.  A search party was sent out and the Captain was not found. 

The next night...a grotesque specter appeared....the ghost was dripping what appeared to be water...his mutilated, bloody body appeared to the Colonel in charge and informed him of his murder and his subsequent fate of being thrown into the Mississippi River.

Captain McPherson continues to appear to this day to anyone who lives at McRaven...bearing his fate to any who will listen.

The Captain is never alone...McRaven is also inhabited by Civil War soldiers and a long-haired woman in a plain dress.  Sightings of these ghost are seen by many and no explanation for their appearance is forthcoming.

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