(Will-O'-Wisp, fox fire, or ignis fatuus or foolish fire created by 
a glow emmitted from a decaying timber.)

The Will -'O- Wisp

By Jack Prelutsky

You are lost in the desolate forest
Where the stars give a pitiful light.
But the far-away glow of the Will of the Wisp
Offers hope in the menacing night.

It is lonely and cold in the forest,
And you shiver with fear in the damp,
As you follow the way of the Will of the Wisp
And the dance of itís flickering lamp.

But know, as you trudge through the forest,
Toward that glistening torch in the gloom,
That the eerie allure of the Will of the Wisp
Summons you down to your doom.

It will lead you astray in the forest,
Over ways never traveled before.
If ever you follow the Will of the Wisp,
Youíll never be seen anymore.

(From the Southern Swamps)

Jack-O'_lantern's light was often seen in the marshes and swamps at night.  The light would appear, recede, and appear again.  The lure of the light and curiosity would beckon the poor southern wanderer and often times they would fall into the swamp and drown.

According to folklore, Jack was once a human man...a human who sold his soul to the devil.
Upon Jack's death he outsmarted the devil and was sent to heaven.  Heaven refused him entrance and thus Jack was left to wander the earth for an eternity.  Seeing Jack's perdicament the Devil had pity on him and threw him a burning ember from Hell...thus Jack's Light...which soon evolved into the  term 


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