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No music is provided....hum the bars of Dixie slowly and passionately...this will produce
a feeling of Pride and hopefully you will begin to feel Southern Pride  in your heart!


Oh! should we reach that glorious place where waits a sparklin' crown,

For everyone who for the right his soldier life lay down.

God grant to us the privilege upon that happy day,
Of claspin' hands with those who fell while wearing of the grey.........

From "Wearing of the Grey"
Author Unknown

 Before I go to far in my family's involvement in the War, I would like to say that to the left is one of the Mississippi Battle Flags of the CSA .  Even today, almost 140 years ago,  I still feel proud of it and what it stood for--COURAGE.
To the left, is the Mississippi  State seal. 

On January 21, 1861, United States senator Jefferson Davis of Mississippi went before the Senate to say his farewell. Mississippi had seceded from the United States on January 9, 1861

 Jefferson Davis: "A Final Adieu"
January 21, 1861 
'an excerpt'

I rise, Mr President, for the purpose of announcing to the Senate that I have satisfactory evidence that the state of Mississippi, by a solemn ordinance of her people in convention assembled, has declared her separation from the United States. Under these circumstances, of course, my functions are terminated here.

I do believe in  "Heritage NOT hate"

Although the phrase I am afraid is used with abandon and without much thought.  Reflecting on this I wish it to be known that when I utter these words I mean My Heritage is my pride, but Hate is NOT part of it and I will not use the War or any other act of aggression as a means to justify hate toward anyone. 

Southern Confederate Memorial Day is April, 26
Please visit this Southern Women Confederate
Memorial page that I have  (in a
collaborative effort with a Florida friend) made available
for tribute to the often forgotten day.
Confederate Memorial Page

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Comments and suggestions are always welcome.  I am by NO means an expert on this war or the people who fought it.  The stories I tell come from 
far away and long ago...from the lips of family members who have gone before and left a piece of the family tapestry to enrich my life and the 
lives of those that will come after me.

Albert Sidney Johnston

Grandpa Allen

The Barefoot Boys

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(The Confederate Flag Issue)

Sweetmamapam's Southern Hospitality

Some poetry found at this wonderful page of Civil War Poetry
Thank You, Rick!!!!

Mississippi Flag and Mississippi Seal are made from
clipart I obtained from

The CSA buckle  and all other background graphics were created by me.
I would be glad to share..or see what I can do for you....just write and ask..*S*

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