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America(AP)Turkey fans everywhere are surprised by the latest development in Pilgrim history.  Turkey Day, Thanksgiving Day, or the day by any other name is not the traditional yearly holiday that has always been celebrated. 

A celebration that even remotely resembled our  modern day Thanksgiving was known as Forfather's Day and was usually held around December 21 or 22.

Documents  provided by historians and other reliable sources reveal that the actual Thanksgiving holiday was never celebrated but one time...that date being in 1621.

George Washington Thankful

These documents prove that our first president, George Washington,  as well as other presidents to follow, did indeed celebrate the holiday at least once during their tenure  in office. Abraham Lincoln was the author of the proclamation in 1863 when a young woman by the name of  Sarah Josepha Hale ,who had begun her lobby for the holiday in 1829, finally convinced President Lincoln to set aside the November celebration as a National Holiday.

Roosevelt sets aside 4th Thursday

The fourth Thursday of every November was set aside by the urging of President Franklin D. Roosevelt.  Congress approved it in 1941. 

No Pumpkin Pie?
Our source has this information on very good authority.  There was absolutely no way the  pilgrims served the traditional Pumpkin Pie in 1621.  Pumpkin pudding sweetened with honey or syrup (sugar was unavailable to the pilgrims at this time) would have been served sans the crust and whipped topping.

Other foods that were not Pilgrim fare that day were (or could possibly have been):

Sweet Potatos
Corn on the cob
Cranberry sauce

A likely meal that Autumn of 1621 would consist of:

Chicken (maybe)
Herbs and seasonings ( which would include onions, leeks, strawberry leaves, currants, sorrel, yarrow, carvel, brooklime, liverwort, watercress,
and flax; from England they brought seeds and probably planted radishes, lettuce, carrots, onions, and cabbage).
Sweetners (maple syrup, honey)
Butter, cheese, and eggs

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