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Sweetmamapam's Awards

An award validates all the hard work and determination that goes
into the creating a webpage. Thank You many times over for
the recognition and the encouragement!!

        Click on each and every Award found in the following pages...
they will take you to truly outstanding places....*S*

This page is a page that is for my newest awards.
Thank You everyone for their kindness and consideration!

Michael...a wonderful friend from Germany with a great website of his own!! Thank You...this means so much to me!!

A very SPECIAL award from a very special website...I was honored to receive this award and the compliments that accompanied this gesture.  Thank You, Jack!!!

Annette, Southern Sis, I am thrilled to receive this award!!!

Denise!! Site of the YEAR??!! This is too much! I am so honored and delighted!!! Thanks for choosing my site.  There are so many great sites on the web....(((hugs)))

NEW AWARDS  Page 2!! 

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