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For educational Purposes I would be remiss not to
mention the many contributions our Mississippi men
have made to our GREAT state. Listed below are a few.
Maybe even some surprises!


Jimmy Buffett
Hailing from Pascagoula, MS Jimmy Buffett is a famous singer,songwriter, and author.  Who doesn't know
the song "Margaritaville"...*S*
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Blind Melon

This one surprised me!!! Blind Melon is a
five man band from West Point and Columbus, Mississippi, who have made several CD's and appeared on MTV.
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Sam Cooke
Born in Clarksdale, MS, Sam Cooke was a famous singer/songwriter of the 1960's

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Bo Diddley
(real name)Elias McDaniels 

guitarist, singer, songwriter,considered by many to be the father of rock-and-roll, blues), McComb, MS
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B. B. King

Born in Kilmichael, MS he is thought to be the greatest Blues player in the world!
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Jerry Lee Lewis

Jerry Lee was born in Louisianna but currently resides on his ranch in Nesbit, MS.
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Muddy Waters

He was born in Rolling Fork, MS and considered to be one of the Fathers of Chicago well as a key figure in the history of the blues
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Jack Owens

Jack is from Bentonia, Mississippi. I mention him because I live in Bentonia and knew him personally.  He is dead now but I can still see him sittting in front of the "Blue Front Cafe"
with his harmonica and his guitar palying the blues like nobody else!!
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It is really an interesting bit O'
information about the blues in my sleepy Mississippi town!

Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley was born in Tupelo, MS.
Of course, he spent his famous years at Graceland which is located in Memphis, TN.  But we claim him as our most popular Mississippian...*S*
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Jerry Clower

A Yazoo City native (12 miles from my home), Jerry Clower was a recording artist, writer, and "racoonteur" Jerry Clower could be heard spinning tales for the public about his Mississippi roots for more than a quarter of a century.
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William Faulkner

Born in New Albany, MS, Mr. Faulkner,a renowned Mississippi writer, the Nobel
Prize-winning novelist and short story
writer is acclaimed throughout the world
as one of this century's greatest writers.
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John Grisham

John Grisham was born in Jonesboro,
 Arkansas, on February 8, 1955. He took
up residence in Southaven, Mississippi, in 1967.He practiced both criminal and civil law. In 1983, he was elected to the Mississippi House of Representatives,and in 1989 he published hisfirst novel, A Time to Kill.
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Jim Henson

Jim Henson is without a doubt the most
famous puppeteer in history. Both the
creator and a performer of the "Muppets," Henson is known throughout the world for his puppet creations, which include such characters as Grover, Elmo, Big Bird, Bert and Ernie, Miss Piggy, and especially, Kermit the Frog, whose voice was provided by Henson and who remains the muppet
with which Henson is most closely associated.
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Willie Morris

Another famous Yazoo City native! I am so lucky to live where I do...history surrounds me!!!! To quote Mr. Morris on his writings: "I am an American writer who happens to have come from the South," "I've tried to put the South into the larger American perspective."
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Tennessee Williams

Thomas Lanier Williams, one of America's greatest playwrights, and certainly the greatest ever from the South was born in Columbus, MS.
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