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The love of a parent for a child is the love that should grow towards separation.
       ~Kahlil Gibran~ 

I am Mother.
I am 43 years old.
I Have two wonderful daughters.
They are healthy and beautiful .
They are happy, independent, and full of life.
I knew that one day I would let them go.
I knew I had raised them with wings to fly.
That day has come...

This Mother's Day page is different.  I chose to celebrate Mother's day with a new independence.  An independence admittedly born of necessity and of Love.  It is hard to look over the years and realize that those years I so looked forward to as a child have come and a new era of my life has begun.  It is equally as liberating, though, to know that I can, in good conscience, begin that life with my husband and enter another chapter in the book of My Life.

And Baby Girl makes three...

Cary Jayne
September 14, 1977

I have wonderful memories of Cary Jayne
Indulge me as I remember.... 

Baby Cary's homecoming...a crisp, fall day. 

Bart's Mother had the house spotless, windows 
open, and curtains blowing in the breeze. (To this day 
I love the curtains blowing and the golden leaves on 
the ground)

Placing Cary Jayne in the crib...the crib that my Mother
chose for me as a baby.

The little white house with the wonderful
 wysteria..that bush was so out of control..*S*

That first tooth, the first step, the first time I heard 
her say DaDa and MaMa.

Her first birthday.
Her third birthday when she was so soft hearted 
she cried crocodile tears when we sang "Happy Birthday"

When she caught that 7 lb bass on the Snoopy fishing pole.

The learning Tree Preschool

Sewing frilly dresses and buying black patent shoes
at Stride Rite.

Kindergarten and Miss Glenda

Kindergarten Christmas play...sewing Mrs Santa's
red and white dress and Daddy making make-believe 
wire glasses so I would "look the part"

First grade...I was room mother..all the class parties:

In summer you could find me at the softball field..
In Auntumn I was at the football field.  I sewed cheerleader 
suits, made costumes, cookies, cakes and decorations.

We had birthday parties and field trips...

She graduated in 1996...after 13 years of cheerleader,
basketball games, concession stand work, and bake sales, 
my Cary Jayne graduated and began to entertain thoughts 
of being on her own.

And baby Girl makes four...

Laurie Beth 
November 12, 1982

I have wonderful memories of Laurie Beth
Indulge me as I remember.... 

Laurie Beth arrived on a cold November day.

She was a c- section baby so the birthday had
been set far in advance.  I remember being in the
delivery room, strapped to the table, under the influence 
of "twilight sleep" and the nurses singing .."We are going to have a baby".  Seriously...they were singing...*S*

I awoke and heard them say I had a girl!!

A blonde and blue eyed blonde that had the 
sweetest (and at the same time) the most mischievous 
smile I had ever seen.

She lay in a swinging cradle that her Uncle John had
handmade for his own girls.  The soft swaying would 
instantly send her to dream land.

She loved to twirl and dance.  She was enrolled 
in "Boyce's Beauties" when she was 3 and we bought 
her the smallest twirling baton we could find.

 I remember swinging till 
'dark thirty' in Daddy's homemade swing 'til 
I called her in for a bath and jammies.

She was the cowardly lion in the recital...we 
tea stained a white leotard, made felt lion ears, a tail of 
yarn with wire hidden to make it "sway" and crimped her 
hair into a huge lion  mane...(we called her the 'QueenLion' because she wanted the part of Dorothy so badly she was indignant with the role she was given...*S*)

She went to kindergarten...Ms nancy was her 

She got glasses (little pink ones) that year and she 
was adorable in them!!

We went to the zoo, we boarded the real live train 
at the nearest train depot and rode it all the way to

We entered first grade...and went to the Jackson symphony!

She became tired of her swinging and began to jump
on the trampoline every day after school.

I remember the day that she and Cary boarded the big school
bus...and I was video taping ..I had to quit taping I was crying so hard.  The girls laugh about it today.

I remember the first T-ball game...Laurie sat in the outfield 
turned in the opposite direction uncaring of where the ball landed.

The sixth grade graduation....the class sang 'Circle of Life'
'Angels among us".   I can not stop the chills when I hear those songs.

I have been through countless Cheerleader camps, 
softball games and class parties.

I watched them win BIG time in Junior high....the
State championship in basketball that year...we beat the
rivals that those who had gone before had failed to beat

Her boyfriend was killed in 1999.  Her grief seemed endless.

She wants to go to on the Senior trip next year...she wants to live in the dorm...and she speaks of leaving home.

Can I bear last baby??

Gone are the sloppy kisses, dirty hands, and wilted flowers. Here to stay is an independence I see in both my daughters that I have been anxious to see. Something I am PROUD to see.  Yes, I raised independent girls and for this I have stepped into a new world.  A wonderful world.  A world where Cary and Laurie  are my contemporaries as well as my daughters.  A place that I hope every mother  can know.  I wish you this on Mother's day...This peace that passeth all understanding and the joy of 
knowing that Motherhood goes on forever.

Letting Go
Suzy Boggus

She'll take the painting in the hallway
The one she did in Jr. high
And that old lamp up in the attic
She'll need some light to study by

She's had 18 years to get ready for this day
She should be past the tears
She cries some anyway

Oh - letting go
There's nothing in her way now
Letting go
There's room enough to fly
And even though she spent her whole life waiting
It's never easy 
Letting go

Mother sits down at the table
So many things she'd like to do
Spend more time out in the garden
Now she can get those books read too

She's had 18 years to get ready for this day
She should be past the tears
She cries some anyway

Oh - letting go
There's nothing in her way now
Letting go
There's room enough to fly
And even though she spent her whole life waiting
It's never easy 
Letting go.

Steele Magnolia Webring has been a wonderful 
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the support and encouragement  when creating 
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special to any awards are that I recieve
from Steele Magnolias...Heartfelt thanks Jean **Ü**


Patty, thank you for the wonderful compliment to my work!!

Tee....MUCH gratitude for honoring me in this way..

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