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You are hearing American Pie
By Don MacLean
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I was born in 1957...the end of an era.  Perfect families...
Perfect homelife...A simpler time.

I am not even sure I can claim this era....I was born in Dixieland on February 26,1957.  They say it was frosty...*S*

The most that I remember about the 1950's is the TV age...LOL. I was told by my Mother that I would sit for hours in front of the TV and  watch 'I Love Lucy', Howdy Doody, Captain Kangaroo, and The Mickey Mouse Club.
Of course, everything in my world then was black and white....and my mother was perfect 
and so was my Dad....**grin**  

I also remember that I admired the teenage girl that lived beside our small house.  She had a HULA HOOP!  She walked to school everyday and I would watch her come home with her long skirt on and saddle oxfords.  I also remember my Dad going to work every day and coming home in the afternoon(Lucy...I'm Home!!!!). My Mother had supper on the stove and the hardwood floors were shiny with wax.

Oh, this is the beginning of my 'learning era'.

School began for me in 1963. I remember going with my Mother and my sister to J C Penney's and buying plaid school dresses and brand new underwear.  My Mamaw sewed and I had some very pretty dresses...and this was great because being 'prissy' was right up my ally.

We learned to read using the giant DICK and JANE book.  We learned to be best girlfriends  by 'holding hands',
skipping, and playing colored eggs.  The boys were not allowed to play on the 'girls' side of the playground.  

Oh, but remember this was an era of CHANGE.

And change things did. 

I became very aware of boys.  I particularly liked one and collected the loops from his shirt to remember him.  (I know his Mom was probably not very fond of this
custom).  When we became 'preteens' we had parties and played 'spin the bottle' and 'post office'.  The music of the era was wonderful.  We were all crazy about 
the Beatles. Paul was everyone's favorite....with John coming in a close second.  TV had changed also and I was now able to watch my favorite shows like 'The Munsters', Gilligan's Island, and The Flintstones on colored TV.  There was 3-5 children in every household on our street.  We filled our daytimes with Barbies, Chatty Cathy, and board games.  We spent our nights playing 'Kick the Can' until our parents called us all inside.

I was a junior high student in 1970.  I was still attending public school.  Fashion had changed and so had a lot of things.  

Living in the South in the '70s was a frightening time 
for me.  Civil Rights and desegregation was looming on the horizon.  It all begins in my memory with the year that we had Afro-American girls and boys in class with us. Only two or three...and we were coping well with this. (Black and White)  By the end  of my first year in Junior High desegregation had begun.  I was to attend a school  that was pretty far away......we could walk to our school then but after we were assigned a new school we would have to ride the bus.  This seemed to be an awfully ironic situation because the school that I was to attend was across the street from our little subdivision.  I remember riots in the streets of our small town.  
I remember parades and picket lines.  
I remember awful crimes against both Black and White.  
I remember my parents deciding (much to my dismay) to send me to a private school....they were afraid, we all were.

The '70's were full of controversary....
I remember watching the Vietnam War on TV every night.  I remember the songs of the 70's.  I sang 'Blowing in the Wind' at a program at school.  I listened to 'Album Rock'.  The Beatles were finished and David Bowie was 
"COOL".  We loved Southern Rock....Allman Brothers, Lynrd Skynrd, Charlie Daniel's Band, Jethro Tull, and Alice Cooper.  We wore bell bottoms.even bigger bellbottoms, and halter tops.The boys wore white belts and white shoes.  Hair was long (for the boys) and mine was also. 
I 'ironed' it at night so that it would be straight.  I graduated in 1975....married that summer and had my Sweet Cary in 1977.  The '80's were coming.

By 1982 I had my second daughter.  Disco was burning out and I was watching Sesame Street and Mr. Rogers on the TV now.  I was part of a dying breed....the Stay At Home Mom (SAHM).  I spent my days either at home with my girls or at the school .  My girls loved clothes.  They wore 'JAMS" and desperately wanted to look like Madonna.  They loved the new TV Channel 'MTV'.  If I could say one thing that probably influenced my children's behavior the most it was MTV.  So much so that it was soon banned.  

We all had the full hairstyle of the day.  A perm and a lot of gel and moose. We curled, crimped, and hair sprayed.
Cabbage Patch kids were the rage and 
Masters of the Universe was the favorite cartoon.  

Everyone got in shape and we did aerobicsand exercised. I, personally was glad to see the decade come to and end.

The 90's looked promising indeed.

The '90s brought technology to our rural town.  Computers and the Internet.  My children were 
growing fast.  In fact, the oldest graduated in 1996.  

We saw cell phones, mini vans, and the YUPPIE.....LOL.

We became very interested in our health and began to take 'control' of our lives.  Our music had changed.
Technopop was popular and Rap became popular.  I got old and started listening to 'alternative...*grin*

Somewhere along the way we changed.  I look in the mirror and I see a 40 year old's eyes looking back. 
So many that we held so dear are gone now.  I am the grandmother....the Mother-in-law....the person that I thought I never would be.  

Two years ago I was computer illiterate.  My husband 
has gone back to school and he attends class with a boy that graduated with my daughter. 

Bob Dylan's Son grew up...John Lennon's son grew up, and with them the music has also.

It is certainly ironic to see the high school students these days.  It looks like they tore a page out of my
memory.  They listen to my music and wear the same clothes.  The Millennium is here and we survived the change.  

I look forward to the new decade.  I have my first grandchild and things are beginning to slow down.  

I am rambling my children say...

If you have some of the same memories...let me know!!!  Sign my guestbook!

I will be waving back!!

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