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Waverly Plantation

Robert and Donna Snow of Philidelphia stumbled on the abandoned and crumbling Plantation house of Waverly. They fell in love with the house and bought it.  They moved their family into the huge house and started the long and arduous task of restoring it.

One day during restoration Donna Snow heard the voice of a little girl say, "Mama".  There was no one there...only the sound of the ghostly little girl.  The next day she heard it again.  Day after day this spectral, disembodied voice would beckon to her...and plead with her...."Mama?".

For two years Donna heard the voice of  her 'spirit child'.
One afternoon, she discovered in one of Waverly's bedrooms a startling thing.  One of the huge canopy beds had an imprint on it's coverlet of a small body...that of a three year old child.  Each afternoon this impression would be on the canopied bed.  It would vanish late in the day.

Years later, in the middle 1970's, Donna heard the lost child's voice for the last time.  Instead of the pleading, sweet voice calling for her Mother this time the voice was loud and shrill...."Mama!".  Five times the ghost child called her Mother...and then was silent.  Donna never heard the child again.

She would always wonder about the little girl.  Many years later the indentions on the bed began to appear again. The little voice has not been heard but instead has appeared and has been seen by Donna and her daughter.  The ghost is that of a toddler girl with blonde hair.  She has on a high-necked nightgown.  She stands there for a moment then vanishes into a thin mist.

Tourists and the family often see the indentions in the bed and see the ghostly toddler...but no one has solved the mystery of who the girl is, where her Mother is, or why she materializes to the residents.

Waverly's 'Little Lost Girl' is one  of the great mysteries of the great South and one of the saddest ones.  A little girl doomed to walk the halls of Waverly...looking for her Mother and never finding her.

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