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" A Classic Southern  Tradition"

Made famous by the Movie "Fried Green Tomatoes" , this delicacy
has become popularall over the United States.  Traditionally a Southern
dish the perfect "Fried Green Tomato"recipe has been searched the
USA over by people hungry for a taste of Southern down-home cooking.

My family has eaten this dish for a side dish accompanying food
cooked in the southern tradition....or as a meal in itself.  My
husband is a fanatic about this treat and loves to see me
cooking them in a black iron skillet for his weekday meal.

The Whistle Stop Cafe is famous for it's fried green tomatos.
Fanny Flagg penned the book "Fried Green Tomatos" and
brought overnight fame to the small cafe on the outside of
Birmingham, Alabama.  The Whistle Stop has been renamed
"Irondale Cafe" and is located in the town it was named after.
I had a pleasant visit will also...*S*

The Whistle Stop Cafe

Sweet's Fried Green Tomatoes

When choosing tomatoes for this recipe choose a nice
(really firm )tomato.Preferably the tomato is very light green
in color and sounds almost crispy when sliced.

Get your well seasoned black skillet out (I told ya to get one...*S*)
and put enough oil in it to cover the bottom (about 1/4 inch thick).
I personally don't like to have my tomatoes covered when frying. Get the
oil hot....not too hot to burn but hot enough
to sizzle when you put the tomatoes into it.

Next step.....LOL...I am writing this off the top of my head....can you tell???
Grab a bag...any kind...I use a giant use anything you wish.

Slice your green tomatoes (normal thickness)

Pour into the bag:
Season Salt (or any of your fave seasonings)
Pepper (How much?....Your preference)

Have two bowls ready.

One bowl crack a couple of eggs and stir well.
The second bowl just pour some flour into it.

Order of preparation:

Dip sliced tomato into flour in bowl

Then into the beaten egg

and last-- into the bag with flour/season salt/pepper mixture.

When your bag has enough tomatoes in it to shake....then shake vigorously...
From this bag put coated tomatos into the hot oil in skillet.
The tomatoes will not take long to cook....just check them in a few minutes and turn...
after they are cooked on both sides to your preference, drain on a paper towel.

This method  produces a crispy, fried green tomato.....and it came straight from
my Southern Daddy...who is a whizz in the kitchen...*S*

And now another favorite of my Dad's....

Another variation of the above  recipe is to use dill pickles....
just buy the hamburger dills at the grocery store.

Skip the two bowls of egg and flour....just douse in the flour/season salt/pepper
mixture and deep fat about good!!!!!

For a printable version of this recipe please click

If my directions are hard to follow....or southern dialect is hard to understand...*S*
Just sign the guestbook...and I will be glad to get back to you!

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