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How fascinating to find that humor exist even after Death.....
These tombstones and the poetry found on them really  do
exist!  Have an entertaining few moments wandering through
my "little graveyard".  If it brings a chuckle or two, that is great....
if you've read them before then grin anyway....I would not
want to Tempt Fate........*evil grin*

On the grave 
of Ezekial Aikle in 
East Dalhousie Cemetery,
Nova Scotia.
In a London,England

In a Silver City,
Nevada, cemetery
Someone determined 
to be anonymous
in Stowe, Vermont

In a 
Georgia Cemetery
Fun with names
with Owen Moore
in Battersea,
London, England

In a cemetary 
in England
To which someone 
replied by writing
on the tombstome
To follow you 
I'll not consent,
        Until I know 
Which way 
You went!
From the
  cowboy days of
the 1880's.
  He's buried in
the Boot Hill
Cemetary in 

More playing
with names 
in a Ruidoso,
New Mexico, cemetery
Memory of 
an accident 
in a Uniontown,

There  are many more "Tombstone Poems" to be enjoyed.
A few more examples follow:

In a Ribbesford, England, cemetery:

 Anna Wallace
The children of Israel wanted bread
And the Lord sent them manna,
Old clerk Wallace wanted a wife,
  And the Devil sent him Anna.


A widow wrote this epitaph in a Vermont cemetery:

Sacred to the memory of my husband John Barnes
Who died January 03, 1803
His comely young widow, aged 23
has many qualifications of a good wife,
and yearns to be comforted

This one just leaves me in stitches....LOL
I think that the local papers did not carry
"personal love ads"

The grave of Ellen Shannon in Girird, PA is an
"after death" consumer tip!

Who was fatally burned
 March 21, 1870
   by the explosion of a lamp
      filled with "R.E. Danforth's
         Non-Explosive Burning Fluid"

I hope you enjoyed my little "graveyard".....quite entertaining wasn't it?

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Page created July 29, 1999

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