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'Legends of the Fall' is playing

Autumn's Dance

With her chilling breath
She carries the golden swirls
Of leaves
On their 
Last dance

All around me they fall
Until all is silent
Mother Nature
All Her Glory

Written by:
Inspired by the season


Autumn is my favorite season!!

School started and the first chill hit the air. That first cold front from Cananda would finally reach the South!! The north winds would blow and leaves would fast be falling. In Mississippi the first chill was usually the High 40's at night. 
I would call my children inside from the cool,night air.
The first fire of the season was burning in the fireplace
and as the girls came in the door they would remark on the wonderful smell of the burning wood. I love seeing the tell-tale whiff of smoke curling from the chimney. My husband always commented on how cozy it looked coming home when he saw the smoke from the fireplace and he knew that the season's first pot of Chicken and Dumplins' or Chili would be simmering on the stove.
The signs of Autmum are everywhere.

The mingled smell of cotton ready to be harvested.

The smell of leaves burning that had been raked earlier in  the day... 

The smell of my children coming inside from outdoors. 

The smell of childhood and Autumn all rolled into one.

The tall stack of freshly cut firewood seasoning out back.

The sound of the cotton gin running 24/7 from late August until late November.

The World Series. Hope the Braves win the pennant this year..*S*

The open windows and curtains blowing in the fresh air.

Football games at school.

Dove Season in September
Bow season in early October.
Camo and 4X4's everywhere. 

This year Autumn will be a special time.

What wonderful things Autumn  has brought us!  Our 'lil Punkin, Jake,will be 2 Years Old!! October 13, 2001.

 Halloween is just around the corner! 


by Michael Benedikt  

The villain crept by on the slant
              towards the Southwest
                          and the sunset
With his shadow lengthening, and following behind him

The brim of the enormous black hat he wore was pulled down
over his eyes, his nose, and his mouth
As if to predict
Days to come when he would have to travel
in almost total shadows
To make up for all his glaring summertime excesses--
Penance for both his suns and his sins

Big brim! It sloped down and even scraped the ground
And when the wind came, draped over the tops of trees

And an investigator
Trying to peer into his eyes
                          could see only leaves.

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